“New Tushino” - Development Advisory

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The Challenge

The aim of Novoe Tushino project is to create the most effective and competitive multi-functional complex, which would include several components relevant to market needs, location and surroundings area.

The Solution

Cushman & Wakefield team worked on this project in 2010. The scope of works includes analysis of landplot location and its attractiveness to residential and commercial development, its surroundings, transport infrastructure, and perspectives of adjacent territory. The main goal was to analyze all the relevant sectors of real estate (residential, retail and entertainment, office, hotel components) and their competitive environment to determine the potential of commercial development, provide recommendations for territory zoning and develop the best effective scenarios for territory development, as well as to prepare the Project concept and financial model.

The Results

The result of works was the concept of the analyzed site which will further be used for architectural design and for attraction of co-investors into such a large project.