National Centre of Aviation

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The Challenge

In accordance with the presidential decree in the urban district Zhukovsky National Center of Aviation will be developed - a modern industrial infrastructure complex, combining manufacturing facilities, testing base, research and educational centers with all necessary engineering and social infrastructure. A subsidiary of United Aircraft Corporation non-commercial partnership National Center of Aviation invited Cushman & Wakefield Development Consultancy team to create a real estate development concept at the area over 887 hectares.


The Solution

The key aim of the project was to create a compact geographically localized system (cluster), specializing in research, development and production in the aircraft industry and related spheres. The project combines the approaches of land- and real estate development and the construction of social and scientific infrastructure.

Cushman & Wakefield was involved in project in 2008 and 2012. The works included: overview of territory characteristics, socio- demographic indicators of Ramenskoye district, detailed analysis of residential, retail and warehouse market segments, as well as an overview of technological parks in Moscow and Moscow region, world's leading aviation universities and R&D centers. In addition, the existing Project architectural concept was analyzed, a strategy of Project commercial part was developed with risk analysis and financial modeling.

The Results

As a result, the Project business plan and memorandum for project landplots were prepared for developer and potential investors.