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The Challenge

In 2006 Microsoft’s EMEA Corporate Real Estate came forward with a tender for very wide set of RE services for the rapidly developing Russian market operations which wanted to focus on their core business and let the real estate professional take care of the multiple tasks at hand.

Microsoft RE&F believed C&W had the best local team in Occupier Services. We agreed with Microsoft that we will strive to establish an outsourcing platform for Microsoft in Moscow and Russia.

The Solution

Strategic analysis of the company’s real estate portfolio and permanent revision of middle- and long-term Real Estate strategies

The Results

Strategic Advice:

-           Elaboration and development of short and long term strategies

-           Cost optimization program elaboration and implementation during economical crisis in 2008-2009

-           Development of Campus-style headquarter (project was cancelled in 2008 driven by cost optimization strategy).

Transactions management:

-           Acquiring three downtown locations (temporary in 2007; permanent in 2008 and relocation together with expansion of MTC in 2013)  

-           Expansion in Krylatsky Hills Business Park for 1909 sq. meters in 2008 and 8 635 sq. meters lease extension for five years in 2009 - 2011

-           34 regional offices acquired in 2004 – present time

-           11 regional expansions

Facility management:

-           Procurement of all offices

-           Help desk

-           Administration of contracts with vendors

Out-staffing project:

-           Receptionist

-           Drivers



First-front market experience of the outsourced RE department

Full support of client RE needs of Real Estate activities via joint efforts of 5 CW Departments

Timely control over Client’s real estate portfolio

Dedicated team of four employees on site