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Cushman & Wakefield Research Department headed by Denis Sokolov presented the quarterly report – Marketbeat Q2 2015. The researchers made biannual market summary and this time presented the research in a special way. Cushman & Wakefield held the event in a different venue – on White Gardens business center Shell & Core area. Instead of traditional Power Point presentation, the researchers used posters. Some of them demonstrated diagrams and figures while the others showed either challenging or inspirational images.

At the beginning of the event, Denis Sokolov delivered brief macroeconomic review. He pointed out that Q2 set all indicators into “green zone”, despite of the fact that crisis close seems to be far off. The latest quarter was the period of rest, which gave market players the opportunity to size up the situation. The expert assumes that if the geopolitical situation will not be escalating further and macroeconomic environment will not become increasingly tense we can then witness stabilization.

Marketbeat reviews four main real estate market dimentions – Capital Markets, Retail, Office and Warehouse & Industrial sectors. Thus, the area was divided into 4 parts for the experts in each field to guide the presentation on the relevant matter. The guests could choose any matter on their interest, listen for presentation and put the questions. At the close of the event, every guest could collect any posters to seize and enjoy snacks and coffee.