European Retail the Revolution Continues

Darren Yates

Head of EMEA Retail Research

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The significant evolution of retail has been most evident in the US and UK, but is rippling out across the European region. We identify the key trends, challenges and opportunities by sector and country by assessing the risk of disruption.

We summarise the outlook for various retail categories across different European regions, with a focus on the level of disruption they may experience in the short to medium term (within the next 2-3 years). 

For each retail segment in each region, we have assessed the relative risk of disruption based on the collective opinions of our local offices and have graded them according to:
Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High.

Regions assessed are: 

North Western Europe: UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden.
Southern Europe: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain. 
Central & Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey.

Shoppers may undertake a trip for a variety of reasons, but we have divided customer missions into three broad categories, based on the main reason for visiting each location.


Less frequent trips which are primarily focused on spending a day out in the location, which may involve several activities including leisure.


Fairly frequent trips which are made for a specific purpose, such as a big grocery shop or click & collect.


Shorter but more frequent trips, normally for a ‘top up’ shop with smaller baskets of goods, sometimes planned but also on the spur of the moment.